(To start) One player must download the free “THE AUDIO GAME” app from the app store.

NOTE: Once the app is downloaded, no wifi or data roaming is needed to run it. You can play completely off-grid!

Shuffle the set up cards and place them face down on the table.

Then shuffle the Audio reply cards and place them in a separate deck, face down, on the table.

Next, deal 9 audio replies cards and 1 voting token to each player each player. Players can now read hands and make sure to keep them hidden from others.

01 Draw a setup card

The reader draws a set up card, reads it out loud then places it face up on the table for everyone to see.

02 Pick an audio reply card

Each player, including the reader, picks the funniest audio reply card from their hand and places it face down on the table with the QR code visible.


Once all the cards have been placed down, use the Audio Game app to scan the QR codes one at a time to hear the audio

HOT TIP: The scanner is sensitive so be careful where you are pointing it!!)

To scan: 

  1. Open audio game app
  2. Make sure volume on your device is up and turned up to head the clip clearly.
  3. Once you have scanned a card, flip it over and move onto the next

For best performance we recommend holding the device 6” above QR code. 

NOTE: To play last scanned clip simply press the playback button on the screen 

phone capturing QR code from playing card
04 Vote for the best audio reply card

Players place their voting token on what they think is the best the audio reply card. It should go without saying but no, you cannot vote for yourself. 

The player with the most votes wins the round and gets to keep that set up card in order to track score. 

The used audio reply cards are then put into a discard pile. Each player takes back their voting token and draw a new Audio Reply card to replenish their hand. 

Going clockwise, the next reader starts a new round.

BUT WAIT.. what if there is a tie?

The player who won the last round holds all the power in deciding the winner! If the player who won the last round is in the tie.. CONGRATS! You can still pick another player to win or you can pick yourself... No judgment here.


First player to win 5 rounds and collect 5 setup cards wins!